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         "Gazpacho and Revenge" Book Club Discussion Questions

1.  The COOKBOOK:  Was the "Cookbook" aspect of this new Cookbook Novel format easy to use, especially the "Table of Recipes" in the front of the book and the recipes themselves at the end of each chapter?  Did the presence of the recipes at the end of the chapters make you want to read these recipes before moving on to the next chapter?  Was there too much, not enough, or just right amount of discussion of food during the chapters?  Did you try any of the recipes?

2.  The NOVEL:  Did the story move along at a good pace?  Was there good character development?  Were there good descriptions of settings and things?  Did the discussion of food add or distract from the flow of the novel?

3.  The PAINTINGS:  Why do you think paintings played such a prominent role in the story?  A painting was present in the first chapter to start this story of revenge.  A painting was present in the epilogue to end this story of revenge.  During this story, art galleries played a significant role in Heidelberg, Vietnam, and Paris.

4.  The VIETNAM WAR:  What was Tim's view of the Vietnam War?  Did Tim's view of the war change over his lifetime?  What kind of role did Tim's war experiences play in the development of his psyche?

5.  SECONDARY THEMES:  What were some of the secondary themes that the author wove into his story?

6.  A NOVEL OF SEVERAL LEVELS?:  Often authors write their novels on more than one level, either as an allegory or metaphor for a deeper or more general meaning than just that of the story concerning the characters and thier actions in the book.  Did you see this novel as being more than just the story of an old soldier seeking revenge against an old enemy?