"I don't know whether to put this with my recipe books or on the shelf with the rest of my favorite novels...a unique mixture of mental and culinary intrique, travelogue, and history...the recipes are a nice ending to every chapter...thanks for sharing 50+ years of combined experience!" (L.L.)

"A real page turner - couldn't put it down...as good as Tom Clancy...waiting for a sequel." (K.D.)

" Enjoyed  very much...very intriguing and well written...recipes went along with the story." (M.H.)

"Mr. Quinn has 'walked the walk'...his writing ability brings his experience to life for the reader...it looks as though the recipes alone would be justification to make the purchase - just to get the cookbook." (E.B.)

"Liked the story; Loved the recipes.  Amazed at how the recipes and story melded together...a new kind of cookbook novel...used two of the recipes for a dinner party...one of my best dinner parties ever." (T.B.T).

About the Readers

Comments from Readers

Gazpacho and Revenge is a unique book that will appeal to many different kinds of readers.  We call it a "unique" book because we know no other book like it.   Gazpacho and  Revenge is a novel that tells a compelling story of revenge and love spanning a period of 40 years and three continents.  It is also a cookbook containing over 40 recipes.  It weaves the recipes and story into each other through the interaction of its characters as they prepare and enjoy different types of meals, under different circumstansces, in different places, and at different stages of their lives.

Here are just a few of the kinds of readers who will enjoy this book:

COOKS:  from chefs to sandwich makers and everyone in between who enjoys creating and eating good meals.

VETERANS, especially VIETNAM VETERANS:  the story follows a young warrior of the Vietnam era from Boot Camp, through Airborne School, to the final years of the Vietnam War, then to the Grenada Rescue, to the halls of the Pentagon, and finally into retirement.

ROMANTICS:  This story of revenge is paradoxically anchored in the main character's search for love which he believes is as important to sustaining his spirit, as he believes food is to sustaining his body.

ARMCHAIR PHILOSOPHERS:  As the story unfolds, its main characters reflect on the questions we all reflect on as our stories unfold: ...what's it all about? ...what rules our life, choice, or fate? ...what guides our actions? ...can we ever find true happiness?

JUST READERS:  Anyone who enjoys a good story!